Our Services

We are transport service providers. We have all equipment’s which are used in transport are our own. Heavy duty crains 25-200 tans capacity, Multi-excel tractor trailers , heavy and medium trucks. It provides back-end and front-end logistic services across the country for oil and Natural Gas exploration and distribution by way if medium and long term controls.

Full Truck Load

Shipments, which full a Truck Load, are transported in this category. We Serve all the Major and Minor Cities and Towns of the Country. We provide container trucks also along with open body trucks. 32’ Double Axle , 32’ Single Axle, 20’ Trucks and smaller units are also available to be plied on all routes. Raw Material, finished goods and Secondary Distribution movements are dealt with utmost care. Direct tucks and trucks with Transshipment – Both options are available. Multi Modal options are available on select routes where in either Road-Rail-Road or Road-Sea-Road modes are chosen as per client’s choice.


The consignments with extra ordinary dimensions and tonnage are Over Dimensional Consignments (ODC). We provide complete range of Over Dimensional Consignments (ODC) services. Our personalized approach and attention to details ensures safe transit of the goods. We have a project team which looks after the whole project from planning to execution to delivery. A route survey is also done on special sectors and for special needs, which gives a complete picture ensuring smooth transit of the ODC. The route survey gives a complete picture of all the hindrances in the way of the ODC, at times there are certain cargo, which go beyond the dimension. There are certain corrections, which need to be carried out on the bridges and electrical lines in the way of the trailer after arranging the special permission from the respective agencies. These all corrections are managed and the job is carried out with perfection.

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